Westport, a vibrant neighborhood located just south of the Country Club Plaza, offers a hip and happening atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. Originally an independent town, Westport became part of Kansas City in 1897, and it has since established itself as one of the city’s premier entertainment districts.

What sets Westport apart is its blend of historic and modern architecture, creating a captivating and eclectic charm. The neighborhood showcases a mix of beautifully preserved buildings from its early days alongside contemporary structures, adding to the area’s unique character.

The residents of Westport reflect the neighborhood’s diverse and dynamic nature. A vibrant mix of young professionals, college students, and creatives call this neighborhood home. With its abundance of small businesses and cultural events, Westport has become a sought-after destination for nightlife and entertainment, drawing crowds of locals and visitors looking for a lively experience.

In addition to its thriving entertainment scene, Westport also boasts several green spaces, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Westport Roanoke Park and Gillham Park are among the neighborhood’s green oases, offering a welcome escape from the bustling urban environment.

As the years pass, Westport continues to attract young professionals and creatives seeking a trendy and vibrant community. Its reputation as a smart choice for those craving a lively atmosphere and a sense of belonging remains strong. To learn more about all that Westport has to offer, visit their official website.

Favorite Neighborhood Spots:

Harrys Bar & Tables


Westport Ale House

Fountain Haus

Beer Kitchen

Kelly’s Westport Inn

Tin Roof

Char Bar 

Denver Biscuit Company