Valentine, a historic neighborhood situated just north of the Westport entertainment district in Kansas City, Missouri, offers a vibrant and diverse community with a captivating past and a promising future. Bounded by Broadway to the east, Southwest Trafficway to the west, 31st Street to the north, and 40th Street to the south, this charming neighborhood is a treasure trove of early 1900s architecture.

The houses in Valentine, built predominantly in the early 1900s, exhibit an array of captivating styles, including Shirtwaist, Arts and Crafts, Colonial Revival, Georgian Revival, and bungalow. These well-preserved homes stand as testaments to the neighborhood’s historical significance and add to its allure.

Valentine fosters a strong sense of community, attracting families, young professionals, and individuals from diverse backgrounds. This harmonious blend of residents creates an environment defined by shared values and a collective spirit. The neighborhood boasts a thriving entertainment, shopping, and dining scene, with convenient access to nearby attractions like the renowned Country Club Plaza. Local businesses and eateries flourish, drawing visitors from across Kansas City.

Over the years, Valentine has experienced a surge in property values and investments. Residences boasting three or more bedrooms and two or more bathrooms average around $500,000—an indication of the area’s desirability. The commitment to preserving the neighborhood’s historic homes and architecture has played a significant role in its revitalization and appeal.

Valentine’s residents are dedicated to preserving their rich history while embracing progress and innovation. Ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure, enhance public spaces, and attract new businesses and residents demonstrate the neighborhood’s dedication to continued growth. With its promising trajectory and steadfast community spirit, Valentine is a neighborhood on the rise, captivating both current residents and those seeking a place to call home.

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Favorite Neighborhood Spots:

RoKC Underground Bouldering Gym

Uptown Theatre

Hamburger Mary’s 

Mesob Restaurant and Rum Bar

Browne’s Irish Marketplace

Post Coffee

Bai the Way